Title VI Complaint Process

Perry County will promptly investigate and attempt to resolve all complaints of alleged discrimination and will take corrective action upon the finding of a substantiated complaint.

Who May File a Complaint
Any individual who feels that he or she has been subjected to discrimination may file a complaint. A complainant's representative may also file a complaint on behalf of such person. A complainant's identity shall be kept confidential except to the extent necessary to complete the investigation.

How to File a Complaint
A complaint must be made in writing, signed by the complainant, and submitted to the Title VI Coordinator in order to officially begin the complaint investigation process. If the complainant is unable or incapable of providing a written statement, the Title VI Coordinator will interview the complainant and assist in completing a written statement. All complaints regarding Title VI should be directed to:

Teresa Kanneberg, Title VI Coordinator
Perry County Courthouse
2219 Payne Street
Tell City, IN 47586
Office: (812) 547-2758
Fax: (812) 547-9786
Email:  pccomm@psci.net

Location/Availability of Complaint Forms
A Perry County Title VI Complaint Form will be made available online via the Perry County Website, or a copy may be obtained by contacting the Title VI Coordinator. Although using the Complaint Form is recommended when filing a complaint, it is not required.

What to Include When Filing a Complaint
Complaints must contain the following and describe as much as possible the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged discrimination:

  • Name of the complainant
  • Contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address)
  • Basis for the allegation(s) (i.e. race, color, age, etc.)
  • A detailed description of the alleged discrimination (who, how, when, where & why they believe they were discriminated against including the location(s), name(s) and contact information of all witnesses, if applicable)
  • Any other information that is deemed significant

The Title VI Coordinator will notify the complainant in writing if the complaint is incomplete and allot 15 calendar days for the complainant to respond and provide the information needed to complete the complaint.

Complaint Investigation Procedures
A complaint is considered complete when all necessary information is provided in writing and is signed. Within thirty (30) calendar days after receipt of a completed complaint, the Title VI Coordinator will arrange to speak or meet with the complainant to discuss the complaint and the possible resolutions if applicable.

If Perry County does not have sufficient jurisdiction to investigate the complaint, the Title VI Coordinator will refer the complaint to the appropriate local, state or federal agency holding such jurisdiction. In such cases, the Title VI Coordinator will notify the complainant in writing that the complaint is outside the County's jurisdiction and where the complaint has been referred for further handling.

The Title VI Coordinator will then conduct a complete and thorough investigation of complaints inside Perry County's jurisdiction, and based upon the information obtained, will render a final written response letter to the complainant or the complainant's representative by registered mail or hand delivery within sixty (60) calendar days. The final written response will include a description of the complaint, a summary of the investigation and the findings of such, summaries of all individuals interviewed, and if appropriate, recommendations and resolutions. All written complaints, investigations and responses will be retained for at least three (3) years in the county's annual report (Appendix F).

If a complainant is dissatisfied with the final resolution of the complaint, he or she has the right to contact the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, at (888) 736-5551.