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County Ordinances

Perry County, Indiana Code of Ordinances

Local legislation current through Ordinance O-CC-11-7, passed 12-28-2011.



Ordinances passed since January 2012
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O-CC-12-1 Ordinance of the Perry County Council Imposing Additional Economic Developement Income Tax

O-CC-12-2 Ordinance to establish non-reverting operating fund for Perry County Parks and Recreation Department.

O-CC-12-3 An ordinance regarding approval of a lease between the Perry County Redevelopment Authority and the Perry County Redevelopment Commission and pledging additional EDIT revenues to jail facility bonds of the Perry County Redevelopment Authority.


O-C-12-1 An ordinance of the Board of Commissioners of the County of Perry relating to the adoption of a Capital Improvement Plan for Perry County to specify the intended uses of revenues to be received by Perry County from the Perry County Economic Development Income Tax.

O-C-12-2 An ordinance amending the Animal Welfare, Control and Education Ordinance.

O-C-12-3 Ordinance vacating Utah Road.

O-C-12-4 An ordinance regarding the receipt of Court-Ordered electronic monitoring funds by the Perry County Sheriff's office.

O-C-12-5 An ordinance amending the zoning maps of Perry County, Indiana.

O-C-12-6 An ordinance amending the county of Perry, Indiana Personnel Policies Handbook.

O-C-12-7 An ordinance enacting a code of ordinances for Perry County, Indiana, revising, amending, restating, codifying and compliling certain existing general ordinances of Perry County, Indiana dealing with subjects embraced in such code of ordinances, and declaring an emergency.

O-C-12-8 An ordinance providing for the collection of fees for fingerprinting by the Sheriff's Department.

O-C-12-9 An ordinance amending the Perry County, Indiana Zoning Ordinance

O-C-12-10 An ordinance amending Ordinance No. O-C-98-8 (37.001) regarding payments to County Treasurer for real estate taxes.

O-C-12-11 An ordinance vacating certain platted but unimproved public rights-of-way located in Tell City disannexed in Perry County, Indiana.

C-88-4 (Updated 02-04-2013) Perry County Emergency Management Ordinance

O-C-13-2 Amendment to Capital Improvement Plan